Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Identifying emotions 1

My hands are cold and clammy.
My chest is tight-it feels like the breastbone is trying to collapse in on itself.
I feel like there is a dense object in my stomach weighing it down.
My arms and legs feel shaky, although I can stand and walk fine.
My skin is crawling, as though the shakiness in my arms and legs is the skin shaking.
I don't feel as present in my head as usual. It is difficult to quickly shift focus and walk without running into people.
There's a pulling sensation at my temples, which contributes to not feeling present. It's as though my awareness slipped out of my head through the temples and is floating there, just outside.
I'm ruminating. I keep running over what triggered this feeling, and thinking about what I should say in response. Directing my thoughts back to work is nearly impossible.
The trigger was reading someone's mentioning grandmother's experience hiding during the Holocaust, and how they're upset when people trivialize the word Nazi.

What feeling is this?

Note: Part of the issue I have, which is common with Borderline Personality disorder, is identifying feelings  and thus appropriate responses.

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